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Soft skills: fully up to date

Soft skills: fully up to date

As society is digitized and automation is consolidated in the workplace, so-called “soft skills” or soft skills begin to gain relevance. You only need to take a look at the job offers in any online search portal.

The ads for positions of responsibility, vacancies open to those who will make the decisions in the company and even the most technical positions, such as engineers, data scientists or big data analysts, require professionals with soft skills.

Technology recovers the importance of soft skills

Well because they lost it in some professions, or because they never got it, soft skills were relegated to the shadow of other more technical, academic and “hard” skillsBut something is changing. Today the focus is once again placed on this type of capabilities that humanize the workplace and differentiate people from robots.

Millions of jobs begin to be destroyed by advances such as artificial intelligence or machine learning; however, many others are created simultaneously in the process. Today the machines are responsible for repetitive tasks, checks, data entry, analysis, graphics and report writing … but there are still responsibilities for humans.

All are related to the skills that differentiate them from automatons, which must be recovered, cultivated and grown by those who are already active and, of course, also those who are preparing to enter the labor market for the first time.

But what skills are needed to navigate in this moment of change in the economy? How will humans create value in an increasingly automated world?

Soft skills in an automated world

Before reviewing which of these soft skills may be more necessary in a world where digitalization and automation are the new norms, it should be noted that, despite the transformation of the markets, there are still roles where coexistence with machines that make the Human work is minimal.

A recent Oxford study collects them, making a classification based on the automation potential of different positions. There it can be seen that, while the work of a teacher, microbiologist, CEO or dentist only present between 0.4 and 1.5% chance of automating; Other professions, such as credit analyst, legal secretary, accountant or telemarketing professional are above 94%, reaching 99 in the latter case.

While it may be daunting to think about the role of automation in the future, it should be prudent and start thinking about how to improve the CVWhat can be offered beyond the current set of skills and competencies?

By making this reflection, it becomes easier to prepare for future success in a world where more and more jobs will be automated.

One of the ways to achieve goals is to start by developing soft skills. Among the soft skills that should prioritize any professional are the following:

1. Ability to communicate.

2. Ability to work in a team.

3. Resolution of complex problems.

4. Creativity.

5. empathy.

6. Know how to listen.

7. Critical thinking.

8. Decision making.

9. Negotiation skills.

10. Sense of humor.

The human touch is the best recipe for success in any profession. And, to achieve this, it is necessary to focus on developing skills in areas that machines will not address effectively, such as any of those related to emotional intelligence. Do you think you could stand out for your soft skills or is it time to start working on them?

The advantages of Design Thinking in education

The advantages of Design Thinking in education

The Design Thinking and Design Thinking is a methodology that comes with designers and method to solve problems and satisfy the needs of its customers. When they make a design and present it to their employer, or when it asks them to express a certain idea without indicating exactly the form, the designers use this technique to solve their problems and arrive at a solution that conforms to the two parts.

Observing the challenges imposed, the needs of each of the parties, the message to be transmitted and the best way to reach a solution, Design Thinking is presented as an innovative and creative method to think about an exit from a different approach . In recent years this concept has been introduced in the world of business, different markets and also education.

In outdated and obsolete educational systems, this concept promises to identify students’ problems with greater precision and thus generate committed, innovative and creative students . The entrepreneurs of tomorrow are trained today in colleges and universities around the world through Design Thinking techniques that their teachers use to motivate them.

Students need individual processes, specifically tailored to their needs and not methods embedded in a single generic educational reality that does not apply correctly to all types of students. Given this, teachers can use Design Thinking to generate these strategies and thus give their students a better experience in the classroom . By doing this, students will begin to:

  • Develop a problem solving mentality, constantly analyzing the different variables to arrive at the best solution.

  • They commit to their actions in the classroom, always looking for the best ways to learn.

  • They will understand that they own their learning, and that they must work for it. Thus, they will put more commitment to their tasks.

  • They become more sensitive to other people’s problems.

  • They develop a greater degree of empathy and humility, based on their own effort to learn to value that of others.

  • They increase their curiosity to learn more and to know the world.

  • They learn to work as a team, to add wills in search of a common goal.

Pros and cons of a work team

Pros and cons of a work team

Most students think that studying is a practice that must be carried out individually, in the privacy of the home or library. However, group study can have enormous benefits:

  • Thanks to this methodology, you can share, discuss and find new approaches to your approaches. Especially useful in science careers, as it will allow you to compare exercise results and find the correct answers.
  • People who work in groups have more and better materials. A partner can complete the notes of others, add a book they did not know, etc.
  • Students who work in groups learn techniques to work in teams, one of the most demanded requirements in today’s workplace.
  • This study methodology also allows you to become aware of your degree of knowledge. If it is you who must explain the issues to your classmates, you will go to the exam with greater confidence and security. If you have been lost most of the time, you will realize that you must study a little more.
  • Working in groups eliminates the feeling of loneliness, motivating all the components to study in a more coordinated way. Does one of the students have less desire to get to work? Your classmates will be there to encourage you not to give up.


However, studying in groups does not only have positive things. Know, below, some of its disadvantages :

  • It is difficult to make all team members coordinate, establishing the time that is dedicated to each thing. The diversity of interests or needs can break the group since each member will need more time on a given topic or will want to repeat an exercise until they understand it perfectly.
  • It is important that all partners are more or less at the same level , and none of them show up without even looking at the notes. Otherwise, some students must wait for others, wasting precious time studying.
  • Working as a team also increases distractions, especially if the members are friends.

Studying in groups can be a great technique, although it is not a panacea. Researchers specialized in this field discovered that students who work as a team achieve better grades, although, of course, the key is study and understanding.

Next Book Fair in Mexico: what will you find in it?

Next Book Fair in Mexico what will you find in it

Literature is one of the most demanded arts worldwide. And also one of the most consumed. That is why, around the world, fairs are organized where you can find out about the latest releases to the great classics. The 33rd International Book Fair (FIL) will begin on November 30, which will be held in the city of Guadalajara, in the Expo building. This is the world’s largest book fair for publications in Spanish. And the most important in American territory. Are you going to miss it?

How is the Book Fair in Mexico?

The Book Fair of Mexico is an event held annually in Guadalajara. Its start date is the last Saturday of the month of November and extends over the next 9 days. In it, book professionals attend as writers, illustrators, editors, booksellers, distributors … The aim is for these professionals to have the book fair as a meeting point for their businesses.

What can I find at the Book Fair?

For the general public, one of the attractions is the encounter with his favorite writers. Although there are also others not so famous that they go to the fair to publicize their work, since it is an ideal showcase for new writers.

Readers will be able to find the latest news of the literary world in Spanish-speaking, as well as having the opportunity to meet and chat with different writers and other people with the same concerns.

In addition, the book fair awards different prizes to writers and their works and seminars, forums and meetings are held where there are debates and discussions on different topics related to literature and other cultural issues.

Book Fair Programming 2019

You have all the programming on the fair’s own website, where you can see all the schedules of all the presentations, meetings, presentations. These are the themes that appear in the programming:

  • Awards and tributes

  • India, Guest of Honor

  • FIL Literature

  • Forums and meetings

  • FIL is also Science!

  • Book Presentations

  • Comic Hall + Graphic Novel

  • Books to Taste

  • FIL Young

  • FIL Children

  • Activities for professionals

  • Academic activities

  • Special events

  • Book Signing Module

This year, the guest country will be India and therefore there will be different presentations with Indian writers who will talk about topics such as the famous writer Rabindranath Tagore. We will also listen to Mexican writers talk about their trips to India or presentations on Indian books translated into Spanish.

On the other hand, an area of ​​programming will take us to conferences on science with topics such as the Higgins boson, Darwin or black holes.

Awards, forums, presentations, activities for young people, or for professionals, complete the program of this 2019 edition.

In short, if you are a literature lover and you love going to these events, this book fair must be marked on your calendar. It is one of the most important in the world and contains many acts throughout the 9-day duration. You can now make a list of the events you want to attend. Keep in mind that there are 3 days in which the fair will be open exclusively for professionals. Go to the party with the letters!

Soft skills: fully up to date

Soft skills: fully up to date

As society is digitized and automation is consolidated in the workplace, so-called "soft skills" or soft skills begin to gain relevance. You only need to...
Pros and cons of a work team

Pros and cons of a work team