Chatspin, is the leading french chat site to make friends, and randomly talk to strangers from around the world. You can talk in video with complete strangers whenever you want. No need to have met them before to go further. To summarize: simplicity – novelty – speed. And now, enough theory, let’s get down to the practice.

How it works ?

Simplicity of the video chat application and random connection: these are the 2 main points that you must remember. But wait, that’s not all:

  • You can chat with people from all over the world
  • No need to register
  • Start the 1-click chat
  • Free features and more for more fun

What is Chatspin?

I will explain why I chose this application among hundreds who offer meetings in cam. I know what you think: you say “he exaggerates”.

Read on, and you’ll see if you still think the same thing after

1. The ability to use cam filters

You can choose effects and filters, there are plenty of different. Using filters will save you from getting bored too fast or will be used to furnish a conversation that does not take off. It’s always a shame, especially if the girl is pretty (or the guy).

And now, let’s get down to business!

2. Girl or boy for you to choose

I’ll give you an example: there are chatroulette sites like Omegle, and ChatRandom where the sexes are mixed. You know what annoys me? It is to turn the wheel and see only guys. Here you have an option: 1 click and you will only see girls (or vice versa if you want to meet a boy).

In fact everything comes down to one thing: the choice. And it’s not over.

3. You can decide the country

You will understand: if you want to speak with Moroccan women you can do it. Same thing if it is the French girls that interest you. In one click you have made your choice, and as there are millions of potential users it is possible.

The place filter includes 200 countries: you will have plenty to find your happiness, right?

4. You do not need to register to start chatting

I kept the best for last: no registration! A little higher, I told you that the use of chatspin was very simple. And that also passes by the inscription. If you have to find all your CV before you start talking, I do not really see the point.

It is important that your identity is fully protected, because if making a video with strangers is funny, it can also be dangerous if you fall on someone who is careless.

5. Your anonymity is preserved

At the risk of repeating myself, no registration is also true: no blue card to enter to start chatting. No address to give, no phone number to indicate, and nothing about your age!

If you start a random chat, do not give this info during the chat. If you meet people in real life, you decide whether or not to do it, but not before.

On which devices can you use the app?

The application works very well on Android as on iPhone. You can download it from the Google Play Store

If you have an iPad or an iPhone, the app also exists in IOS version. The video chat features are the same. Whether you are Apple or Android (mac or pc) you will find the same happiness!

The moral of the story ? ChatSpin is:

  • A free video chat
  • Who can talk to unknown people
  • Without taking the head to use the app
  • With the possibility of choosing the country and the sex of your interlocutor
  • Everything super fast!

Here. You understood everything ? No ? You are joking, after the trouble that I just gave to explain to you. And read again the beginning, you will end up understanding! Do not worry, we’ve all been there, especially my grandmother who was a bit hard of the sheet (it’s an old expression that I love).